We kindly inform our audience that due to the new covid-related provisions, the premiere of Philip Glass: Les Enfants Terribles (The Holy Terrors) scheduled for 21 November, 7 pm, is cancelled. Tickets may be redeemed at the festival’s website until 21 December.

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Cookies with Marmalade in the Time of Pandemic – premiere

Cookies with Marmalade in the Time of Pandemic – premiere

22nd October, 2020
7.00 pm

Kugler Art Salon
Writer, director:
Gábor Dettre
This performance of the CAFe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival is jointly presented by Budapest Festival and Tourism Centre and KuglerArt Szalon.

Ticket prices: 3300 Ft

Kugler Art Salon

Sütő utca 2.

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Ági Máhr 
Photographer: Vera Éder

Cookies with Marmalade in the Time of Pandemic – premiere

  1. Performed by: Gergely Kolnai Kovács, Ági Máhr

During the pandemic, on a winter evening, two people, both wearing face masks, run into each other on the ground floor of an apartment building. A young man and an old woman. The former has come to pay an unwilling visit to his father and his new family, while the woman has just returned from walking her dog. At first they act with reserve, but when they remove the masks, they recognize each other. They are old acquaintances though haven’t met for years. As it turns out, the man spent his childhood in the house, and was the best friend of the woman’s only son, who committed suicide ten years earlier. As they chat, self-consciously, clipping their sentences in embarrassment and intermittently into long stretches of silence, they soon get close to each other and learn about each other’s miserable and somehow hopeless life. By the time the night is over they eat every morsel of the only food in the flat, some leftover, dry cookies. And they eat them with marmalade.

Theater performance in Hungarian.


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