We kindly inform our audience that the premiere of Philip Glass: Les Enfants Terribles (The Holy Terrors) has been rescheduled from 30 October to 21 November, 7pm. The world premiere of János Vajda: The Imaginary Invalid, or, The Cabal of Hypocrites has also been rescheduled from 24 October to 30 October, 8 pm. The tickets already purchased are valid for the new dates, or may be redeemed at festival’s website until the performances begin.

The premiere of Julian Philips: The Yellow Sofa has been rescheduled from 18 October to 5 November, 7 pm. The tickets already purchased are valid for the performance on 5 November, or may be redeemed at festival’s website until the performance begins.

Thank you for your understanding!


Platon Karataev

Platon Karataev

10th October, 2020
7.00 pm

Akvárium Klub — Main HALL
This concert of the CAFe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival is presented by Müpa Budapest as a joint event with Akvárium Klub.

Ticket prices: 2000 Ft

HUF 2000 (in advance until the day of the concert)
HUF 2500 (on the day of the concert)

Akvárium Klub

Erzsébet tér 12.
+36 30 860 3368

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Platon Karataev

Platon Karataev

7 pm doors
7.30 pm Mayberian Sanskülotts
8.45 pm Platon Karataev

Founded in 2016, Platon Karataev, the Budapest band, is named after a character in Tolstoy’s War and Peace. Their debut set, Orange Nights, and particularly the song, Elevator, caused a sensation not only in Hungary, but in Germany and the UK as well. Their first album, the 2017 For Her, was an important stage in their bid for an international breakthrough.
The second record was released in 2020. “Atoms is about the search for our innermost selves, and questioning everything. In one song we may be falling towards ourselves, in another the distance is growing. One key concept of the record is the katharsis we experience when we get near ourselves, our inner selves,” says singer and guitarist Gergely Balla.
Platon Karataev will be supported by Mayberian Sanskülotts, one of the most inventive dream pop bands of the Hungarian scene, who celebrate their tenth anniversary this year.



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