13th October, 2017
6.00 pm

Heléna Hrotkó, Heni Szalay, Heni Varga, Zsófia Bérczi
Péter Mátrai / Barnabás Tankó
Concept, costumes, choreography:
Zsófia Bérczi

Free event


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Statues of women come to life, in variable costumes, remodelling themselves and their connections again and again, with gestures taken from situations in women’s lives. Changing places with a rhythm that keeps changing, they reorganize the space continuously, though unexpectedly.
“What seems a constant in Élőkép’s works, is visuals with unusually strong concepts, sensuality and life – which do not simply delight, they entrap the viewer,” wrote Ágnes Veronika Tóth.

Zsófia Bérczi is an artist who ignores the boundaries of genres, engaging in theatre direction, production and costume design, choreography, and filmmaking.
Élőkép Színház often perform at the Bethlen Square Theatre in Budapest, as well as at other venues in the city, the country and abroad. Red Dresses has been performed at such Hungarian festivals as Thealter and Szárnyas Sárkány, and most recently at a prestigious international festival in Taipei.


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