Kuplung Sounds Good! – Sena

Kuplung Sounds Good! – Sena

20th October, 2017
9.00 pm

An event jointly organized with Kuplung.

Ticket prices: 1500 Ft


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Kuplung Sounds Good! – Sena

What the festival?
  1. 9 pm Saverne
  2. 10 pm Sena

Ghana-born Sena Dagadu has been a fixture in the Budapest musical scene since 2002. Following two solo records, four more with Irie Maffia, and countless hits, she now releases a new album. Every song on Feathers is based on the singer’s own musical idea, and the album was recorded live. Sena reveals a new aspect of her character as a performer at a special show that features a symphonic orchestra and guest musicians.

Electronica meets the classical singer-songwriter aesthetic in Saverne, whose live act is always a special experience. The effect is astonishing, as the composer’s identity comes through in every song, and their set is like a rock concert in a small club – with electronic music.

Kuplung is still the place to inject rock and roll into the party district. Here, every production is energetic, exciting and live.


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