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Please be informed that the opening of the exhibition Design at Auguszt, scheduled 9 October, will be hold on 7 October, 6 pm. The exhibition is on view between 8 October and 30 November.
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Find Vackor!

Find Vackor!

7th October, 2017
3.00 pm

Madách Theatre — Madách Studio
An event jointly organized with Madách Theatre and Proton Theatre.

Free event

Madách Theatre

Erzsébet körút 29-33.
+36 1 478-2000

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Find Vackor!

Find Vackor!

Interactive afternoon snack with the snub-nosed cub

Do you know Vackor, the pug-nosed bear cub? Do you know he always strays away? Roaming over glades and meadows? Do you know he doesn’t like honey? Now he can be found in Madách Theatre. See if you can catch him. Adventure awaits all.

Find Vackor: slip in the cave, climb the tree, learn his favourite song, and find out what his favourite food is.

At this event of the CAFe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival, Proton Theatre invites children aged 3 to 7 to their interactive play centre, where they can see how a performance is prepared. Dexterity games, puzzles, learning songs, dancing.

An event in Hungarian.


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