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Gábor Harsányi: Édes alkony (Sweet Sunset)

Gábor Harsányi: Édes alkony (Sweet Sunset)

6th October, 2017
7.00 pm

Hatszín Teátrum
Music, lyrics:
Gábor Harsányi
László Gáliczki
Assistant to the director:
Tibor Pallós
Natália Bednai

Ticket prices: 1900 Ft, 2500 Ft

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Hatszín Teátrum

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Gábor Harsányi: Édes alkony (Sweet Sunset)

Gábor Harsányi: Édes alkony (Sweet Sunset)

Performance by Pódium Theatre
  1. Szepi, an actor: Gábor Harsányi
  2. Vili, an actor: Sándor Várfi
  3. Kátya, a nurse: Natália Bednai
  4. Boróka, a licentious lady: Krisztina Ternai / Nóra Nemcsók
  5. Frida, Vili’s wife: Adél Gosztola
  6. Slip-in criminal: Csaba Gieler

Szepi, one of the greatest actors in the country, is rehabilitating at Sweet Sunset sanatorium, where nurse Kátya does all she can to restore the spirit of his idol. Then his best friend, the country’s second “first and best actor,” Vili Pajor turns up, in the company of a young, licentious lady.

The two aging artists are looking for their place in the 21st century: can they still create something new and lasting? Their meeting occasions reminisces of the good old days. When Vili’s wife appears all of a sudden…

And then a lethal killer joins the fray. Where is all this heading to? Music, thrills, songs, dance and humour!!! Author and lead actor Gábor Harsányi shows again that an actor must be able to play from one extreme to the other.

A musical comedy in two acts in Hungarian.


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