Városmajor with Jewish eyes

Városmajor with Jewish eyes

15th October, 2017
2.00 pm

Városmajor / Csaba utca
An event jointly organized with Hungarian Jewish Cultural Society.

Ticket prices: 2200 Ft

Városmajor / Csaba utca

Csaba u. 2.

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Városmajor with Jewish eyes

Városmajor with Jewish eyes

Guide: Gréta Süveges

The walk takes in Városmajor utca, from Magyar jakobinusok tere to Alma utca, introducing a lesser-known segment of Jewish culture in what is an important part of the 12th District.

Thanks to the buildings along the street, we get to know the work of the Vágó brothers, the life of the inhabitants of the famous Árkay Villa, and the past and present of the Orthodox Old-age Home in Alma utca. Visitors can see the site of one of the most disgraceful actions of the Arrow Cross regime, and there will be anecdotes about lawyer and literary historian Lóránt Basch, the journal Nyugat, Mihály Babits, Alaine Polcz and Miklós Mészöly.

Meeting point: outside Városmajor Church of Jesus’ Heart (1122 Budapest, Csaba utca 5.)
Male visitors are requested to bring some form of headwear.
Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours


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