Dear Audience,
Please be informed that the opening of the exhibition Design at Auguszt, scheduled 9 October, will be hold on 7 October, 6 pm. The exhibition is on view between 8 October and 30 November.
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You Trash!

You Trash!

8th October, 2017
4.00 pm

Public spaces in Budapest
An event jointly organized with The Symptoms.

Free event

Public spaces in Budapest

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You Trash! 
Photographer: Gábor Dusa

You Trash!

big cleaning in the big outdoors, with a big scum band

You Trash! focuses on the topic of waste, this unwelcome by-product of the consumer society. The show comprises a series of hilarious and outrageous routines performed by members of a “commando” turning up in various corners of a public space, provoking passers-by to react. Filled with humor and melancholy, You Trash! draws attention not only to the unsolved global problem of waste but also to trashed lives of people no longer needed by society. We realize that the best portrait of a given society is painted by the trash it produces.


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