Kálmán Oláh: Kodály Impressions

Kálmán Oláh: Kodály Impressions

12th October, 2017
7.30 pm

Liszt Academy — Grand Hall
Ágnes Herczku – voice, Csaba Klenyán – clarinet, Oláh Kálmán Sextet
The members of the sextet:
Kálmán Oláh – piano, Mihály Borbély – clarinet, saxophone, Kristóf Bacsó – saxophone, József Barcza Horváth – double bass, Ferenc Schreck – trombone, Elemér Balázs – drums

Ticket prices: 1900 Ft, 2200 Ft, 2500 Ft

Liszt Academy

Liszt Ferenc tér 8.
+36 1 321 0690

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Kálmán Oláh: Kodály Impressions

Kálmán Oláh: Kodály Impressions

When it comes to the connections between jazz and such great classics as Bach, Liszt or Bartók, the name of Kálmán Oláh is among the first to come to mind. Thanks to his sensitive playing, intense compositional style, and discerning musical approach, all his statements feel authentic: what he aims for is not the evocation of the style of the masterpieces but an intuition of the mindsets that created the works.

Rather than the “superficial phenomena of music,” he “concentrates on the deep structure of the material,” wrote a critic on his concert, Bartók Impressions. Now, he immerses himself in the world of Zoltán Kodály, in the company of superb musicians.

Still the specialty of the evening is that folk singer, Ágnes Herczku performs with Kálmán Oláh for the first time and that we can hear the Oláh Kálmán Sextet again, whose performances have been a rare curiosity in recent years.


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