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Draw the Music of Soharóza

Draw the Music of Soharóza

8th October, 2017
7.00 pm

Óbudai Társaskör
An event jointly organized with Óbudai Társaskör.

Ticket prices: 800 Ft, 1600 Ft

Ticket sale at the venue, for more information visit the website of the venue.

Óbudai Társaskör

Kiskorona utca 7.
+36 1 250 0288

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Draw the Music of Soharóza

Draw the Music of Soharóza

Collective music editing with graphical sheet music

The projects of the choir Soharóza are often based on collective composition efforts and work in the sister arts, and are underpinned by choral improvisational techniques of their own invention. In their most recent undertaking they invite their audience to discover works whose musical notation is unconventional. The scores they will perform look more like works of visual art than written music.

This kind of notation gained ground in the 20th century, with the growing number of nontraditional works that incorporated noises, effects beyond musical notes, and the occasional improvisation. From György Ligeti through John Cage to Brian Eno, several composers have used unconventional devices in their notation.

As always, Soharóza wants to make the experience interactive, and the audience can participate even in the creation of the programme.


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