Studio5 / Eight Seconds

Studio5 / Eight Seconds

21st October, 2017
8.00 pm

St Stephen's Basilica
András Gábor Virágh [3, 5] – organ, Roland Szentpáli – serpent, tuba, Hungarian Radio Choir (choirmaster: Zoltán Pad) [1, 2, 4, 5]
Members of Studio5:
Máté Bella, Bence Kutrik, Árpád Solti, Judit Varga, Gábor András Virágh

Ticket prices: 1500 Ft

St Stephen's Basilica

Szent István tér 1.
+36 1 311 0839

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Studio5 / Eight Seconds

Studio5 / Eight Seconds

Premieres for mixed choir and organ
  1. Árpád Solti: Last Statements
  2. Máté Bella: Béke (Peace)
  3. András Gábor Virágh: Seven Choralmeditations
  4. Judit Varga: Pocket Requiem
  5. Bence Kutrik: In paradisum


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