Gergely Vajda–Mark Childress: Georgia Bottoms – Hungarian premiere

Gergely Vajda–Mark Childress: Georgia Bottoms – Hungarian premiere

8th October, 2017
7.00 pm

Liszt Academy — Sir Georg Solti Chamber Hall
UMZE Chamber Ensemble
Gergely Vajda
Mark Childress, Gergely Vajda
Set, costumes:
Lili Izsák
Musical assistants:
Mónika Baja, Szabolcs Sándor
András Almási-Tóth
An event jointly organized with Liszt Academy.

Ticket prices: 1900 Ft, 2500 Ft

Liszt Academy

Liszt Ferenc tér 8.
+36 1 321 0690

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Gergely Vajda 
Photographer: Zsolt Zih / MTVA

Gergely Vajda–Mark Childress: Georgia Bottoms – Hungarian premiere

A comic opera of the Modern South
  1. Georgia Bottoms: Rebecca Nelsen
  2. Krystal Lambert: Andrea Meláth
  3. Little Mama: Katalin Károlyi
  4. Nathan: Keith Browning
  5. Reverend Eugene Hendrix: Tibor Szappanos
  6. Brenda Hendrix: Zsófia Nagy
  7. Reverend Brent Colgate: Attila Erdős
  8. Daphne Colgate: Diána Kiss
  9. Dr. Ted Horn / Officer Lester: Roland Tötös
  10. Judge Barnett / Officer Jimmy: Antal Cseh
  11. Sheriff Bill: Bence Gulyás

Gergely Vajda’s comic opera had its world premiere in the United States in 2015. Its plot is based on Mark Childress’s Harper Lee Prize winning novel of the same title. It focuses on a woman who tries to get by on the gifts of her wealthier admirers, and whose complicated life, disintegrating family, and a secret she tries to hide from everyone, grip the viewer’s attention from the start.

The tension of the controversial, chaotic or embarrassing situations is eased by humour, though this is barely a comic sequence of events in the conventional sense, since the 9/11 terror attack and the catastrophic Hurricane Katrina are also key elements of the plot.

The English-language production is conducted by the composer himself, whose original voice has invited an ever growing interest worldwide in the past few decades, thanks to such salient features as diverse colours and unusual effects.


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