20th October, 2017
5.00 pm

Kálvin tér
Performed by:
Becca Dean, Melecio Estrella, Jessica McKee, Courtney Moreno, Roel Seeber, Jessica Swanson
Amelia Rudolph and the members of the company
Basil Tsimoyianis, Derrick Lindsay
Lighting, stage manager:
Krissy Kenny
Assistant to the artistic director:
Melecio Estrella
Executive director:
Thomas Cavanagh
William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, Andrew W. Mellow Foundation

Free event

Kálvin tér

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Bandaloop Dance Company 
Photographer: Atossa Soltani


Horizontal to vertical, or the new perspective of dance

Tilt the stage by 90 degrees and you open a new perspective on dance. What has been horizontal will suddenly become vertical. Dancers on the walls of skyscrapers, on the glass windows of office buildings, over depths, while the streets and public spaces become an auditorium, offering a new and illuminating view point for the reception of dance. BANDALOOP re-imagines dance, activates public spaces, and inspires wonder and imagination in audiences around the world. They raise your eyes skyward.



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