Human Machine

Human Machine

19th October, 2017
7.30 pm

Budapest Music Center — Concert Hall
The members of the ensemble:
Jeanne Vogt – violin, Zoltán Onczay – cello, Gábor Varga – clarinet, Anna Štrbová – oboe, Miguel Pérez – bassoon
Andreas Luca Beraldo
Pro Helvetia
An event jointly organized with Budapest Music Center.

Ticket prices: 2000 Ft

Budapest Music Center

Mátyás u. 8.
+36 1 216-7894

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Impronta Ensemble

Human Machine

Impronta Ensemble in concert
  1. Mateo Sepúlveda Rios: Le bruit des feuilles (The Sound of Leaves) – concerto “without the left hand,” for chamber orchestra and Disklavier – Hungarian premiere
  2. Ligeti: Etude for Piano, No. 14/a
  3. Nancarrow: Etude for Piano, No. 21
  4. Klaus Huber: Six Miniatures for Clarinet, Violin and Cello – Hungarian premiere
  5. Denis Schuler: L'autre rivage for Disklavier – Hungarian premiere
  6. Bernd Thewes: Fibonacci–Gaillarde with Paganini for Violin and Disklavier
  7. Veress: Sonata for Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon
  8. Alfredo De Vecchis: Prelude, Aria and Canon for Disklavier – Hungarian premiere
  9. Alessio Elia: Traces from Nowhere, for chamber orchestra and Disklavier – Hungarian premiere

Many think music has become mechanical over the past half a century, while others are convinced new music has found inspiration in the music of machines. With the project, “human machine,” Impronta Ensemble, a young group founded in Mannheim, seeks to ensure mechanicalness can remain an option for human self-expression.

In other words, they reverse the process: instead of making human creations mechanical, they now attempt to humanize works intended to be mechanical. The “experiment” is centred around the Disklavier, a MIDI-controlled player piano.

Thanks to special software, the Disklavier becomes an autonomous member of the orchestra, “sensing” and “comprehending” the conductor’s signals, and showing human qualities, like the other players in the orchestra: we may come to understand it, like it, feel close to it.


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