Budapest Ritmo

Budapest Ritmo

8th October, 2017
6.30 pm

Akvárium Klub
An event jointly organized with Hangvető.

Ticket prices: 4000 Ft

Akvárium Klub

Erzsébet tér 12.
+36 30 860 3368

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Al Jawala 
Photographer: Felix Groteloh

Budapest Ritmo

Central European World Music Festival
  1. Small HALL
  2. 7.45 pm Boris Kovač
  3. 8.30 pm Malabi Tropical
  4. 10.15 pm Äl Jawala

  5. Main HALL
  6. 7 pm Shefita
  7. 9 pm Fanfara Tirana & Transglobal Underground feat. Veronika Harcsa
  8. 10.45 pm Amparanoia

  9. VOLT Lokál
  10. 8.15 pm Móni Lakatos & Mihály Mazsi Rostás

Budapest Ritmo is the festival of new connections, encounters and discoveries. Its second edition in 2017 has world music artists arriving from over twenty countries; performing on several stages throughout three days. In the vein of last year’s Ritmo, new co-operations between Hungarian and foreign artists will be fostered, exceptional productions born.

This October, violin phenomenon Félix Lajkó with fascinating Polish string band Vołosi will blow you away; the young stars of tamboura, Söndörgő and Amsterdam Klezmer Band will team up to rock you, legendary singer Mónika Miczura ’Mitsou’ of Ando Drom fame and Tunisian Jawhar will enchant you with their delicate duet. Sample the best Central and Eastern European bands, check out up and coming South American and African artists in the heart of Budapest: Akvárium Klub, for three days.



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