Lisa Morgenstern: Chameleon

Lisa Morgenstern: Chameleon

6th October, 2019
8.00 pm

A38 Ship — Concert Hall
An event jointly organized with A38 Ship.

Ticket prices: 2500 Ft

2500 Ft (in advance)
2900 Ft (on the day of the concert at the veue)

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A38 Ship

Petőfi híd, budai hídfő
+36 1 464 39 40

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Lisa Morgenstern: Chameleon 
Photographer: Miguel Murrieta Vásquez

Lisa Morgenstern: Chameleon

  1. 8 pm Jónás Vera Experiment
  2. 9 pm Lisa Morgenstern: Chameleon

Following her 2018 performance on Piano Day, pianist, singer, and songwriter Lisa Morgenstern returns to Budapest to present the songs of her second studio album, Chameleon. Inspired by classical and pop music, and performed on piano and synthesizers, the compositions marry ethereal moods with poignant emotions and some kind of icy elegance.
The new album offers a distillate of the art of Morgenstern, a Berliner who is proud of her Bulgarian descent. She recorded Chameleon with Argentinian producer and cellist Sebastian Plano, and the numbers run a broad gamut from synth-pop with a Baroque mood, through floating sentimental electronica, to solo piano songs.
But the most dominant is the special tone of her singing: a caressing voice that leads the listener through the songs with dramatic steps, creating a mysterious world that still gives rise to light-hearted music.
Lisa Morgenstern will be supported by Vera Jónás, who will perform new songs written since her latest, award-winning album, Tiger, Now! This will be the first occasion when as-yet-unrecorded songs can be heard alongside the new releases.



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